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The cast iron lifestyle

Can You Bake a Cake in a Cast Iron Skillet?

Cast iron skillets are durable and have excellent heat retention. Because of the great heat retention, cast iron skillets distribute ...
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potato cast iron

How to clean a cast iron skillet using a potato?

A cast iron skillet is the most versatile tool in the kitchen. With proper care, these incredible pots and pans ...
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season cast iron griddle

How to Season a Cast Iron Griddle

Cast iron griddles, like all cast iron, require seasoning. Seasoning is simply oil or fats applied to the cast iron ...
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clean cast iron baking soda vinegar

How to Clean Cast Iron With Vinegar and Baking Soda

Cleaning and maintaining a cast iron is not difficult. However, if a cast iron has rust issues, a deeper cleaning ...
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baked on grease skillet

How To Clean Baked On Grease From A Cast Iron Skillet. 3 Methods

Baked on grease in a cast iron skillet may look hard to clean, but fortunately, it’s not. There are several ...
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Beer batter cheesy bread cast iron

Beer Batter Cheesy Bread in Cast Iron Skillet – Recipe

Beer battered cheesy bread in cast iron is a simple yet delicious recipe. The best thing about this recipe is ...
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How To Deglaze a Cast Iron Skillet

Deglazing is a fundamental cooking technique that is used to make sauces and gravies. Deglazing also infuses additional flavors into ...
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poorly seasoned cast iron

6 Signs Of a Poorly Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet And How To Fix It

There are several signs of a poorly seasoned cast iron skillet. Fortunately, they are easy to repair, no matter how ...
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cast iron cornbread

Blueberry Jalapeño Cornbread in Cast Iron Skillet Recipe

Look no further if you are looking for an easy cast iron skillet recipe bursting with flavor. This recipe combines ...
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cast iron crock pot

Cast Iron Crock-Pots vs Electric Crock-Pots. What is The Difference?

When cooking in cast iron, most people think of skillets because of their accessibility and ease of use. But what ...
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cast iron wok

How To Season a Cast Iron Wok

There are several methods to choose from when seasoning a cast iron wok. Generally, when a wok is purchased, it ...
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Cast iron steel wool

Can You Use Steel Wool (SOS Pads) on Cast Iron Skillets?

You can use steel wool on your cast iron so long as a few things are kept in mind. However, ...
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cast iron fridge to oven

Can Cast Iron Skillets Go From Fridge to Oven?

Whether you can move cast iron between the fridge (or freezer) and a hot cooking surface is a debatable question ...
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tomatoes in cast iron

Can You Cook Tomatoes in a Cast Iron Skillet?

This question, like most culinary questions, is a hot-button issue in the kitchen. There are those who say that you ...
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storing cast iron

How To Store Cast Iron Pans Long Term

Cast iron cookware is the workhorse of the kitchen. But, cast iron is much more to many people. Cast iron ...
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season skillet without oven

How to Season Cast Iron Without an Oven?

A cast iron skillet or a dutch oven is the most versatile tool in any kitchen. They are heavy and ...
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Well seasoned cast iron skillet

What does a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet look like?

Seasoning a cast iron skillet or dutch oven is critical to ensure a nonstick finish and to add depth and ...
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cast iron deep fry

6 Best Tips For Deep Frying In Cast Iron

Cast iron is the best cooking medium to deep fry food in. They are heavy, they add flavor, and they ...
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Blackened Fish

How To Blacken Fish in a Cast Iron Skillet

The culinary technique of blackening was invented in the early 1980s by the famed cajun chef, Paul Prudhomme. He wanted ...
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Fish smell cast iron

How to Get Fish Smell Out of Cast Iron. 6 Efficient Tips

Perhaps no other food brings out the best cooking properties and flavor in cast iron cookware like fried fish. Not ...
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Cast Iron Fish

Tips For Frying Fish In a Cast Iron Skillet

Fried fish and a cast iron skillet are a match made in heaven. Cast iron provides the right heating properties, ...
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seasoned vs preseasoned

Preseasoned Vs. Unseasoned Cast Ironed Skillets. Which One Should You Get?

Cast iron skillets are the most durable and versatile pans in the kitchen. It is recommended to keep them seasoned ...
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Cast iron skillet sizes

What Size Cast Iron Skillet Should you Buy?

Cast iron skillets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The good news is, it’s easy choosing the ...
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Cast Iron Cauldron

What Are Cast Iron Cauldrons Used For?

A cauldron is a large metal kettle with a lid and a handle that is used to cook food over ...
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Egg on Cast Iron Skillet

Can You Cook Eggs In a Cast Iron Skillet?

There is a common misconception that eggs cannot be cooked in a cast iron skillet because the eggs will stick ...
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dutch oven

What Are Cast Iron Dutch Ovens Good for?

Dutch ovens are a form of kitchen cookware used in preparing different kinds of dishes. They can be used for ...
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integrated oven

Design Ideas for Bespoke, Handmade Kitchens

“Bespoke” has been a popular marketing buzzword in recent years. Google the term and you will find all kinds of ...
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induction cooktop

Can Cast Iron Be Used On Induction Cooktops?

If you’ve recently purchased an induction cooktop stove, you might be wondering whether or not it is recommended or, more ...
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stove grates

Can You Put Cast Iron Stove Grates In The Dishwasher?

It’s a known fact that you should not put any cast iron cookware in the dishwasher, but does it also ...
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induction cooktop

Can You Use A Cast Iron Pan On A Ceramic Cooktop?

You finally got that brand new ceramic cooktop you always wanted, and now you need to know what types of ...
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waffle maker

Can You Use A Cast Iron Waffle Maker On An Electric Stove?

You've purchased or were given a really cool cast iron waffle maker, and now you are curious and thinking, can ...
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cast iron teapot

Top 5 Tips You Should Know About Cast Iron Teapot Care

Nowadays, just about everyone has a cast iron teapot or kettle in their kitchen. If you don't have one, you're ...
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metal woks

Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel Wok – Which One is Best?

One of the keys to making the perfect Asian dish is how it is cooked. This means to make the ...
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cast iron pans

What does pre-seasoned cast iron mean in cookware?

Almost all modern cast iron cookware comes pre-seasoned. It might even be mentioned in the owner’s manual. But what does ...
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How to keep a cast iron skillet from rusting

Cast iron skillets are famous for being able to rust very quickly. Sometimes in a matter of hours. This can ...
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burnt on buildup

How to clean a cast iron skillet with burnt on buildup?

Cast iron skillets can be a breeze to clean when you’ve just made a perfectly cooked masterpiece, but when you ...
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cast iron vs teflon

Cast iron vs Teflon pans. Which one is best?

Both cast iron and Teflon coated pans are known for their non-stick qualities. While Teflon pans come by default with ...
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skillet with wooden handle

Should You Get A Cast Iron Skillet With A Wooden Handle?

Cast iron skillets are one of the most versatile and consistently well-performing pieces of cookware in American kitchens, dating back ...
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