11 Elegant Cast Iron Table Legs That Will Spice Up Your Home

table legs

Creating your own furniture is something that many households are turning towards during these trying times, making DIY projects one of the hottest topics on the internet. Along with the many creative ideas out there, many folks are turning to cast iron products due to the durability, design, and the fact that cast iron can … Read more

Cast Iron Humidifiers For Wood Burning Stoves

cast iron humidifier

Wood burning stoves are notorious for decreasing humidity rates in the rooms they operate in. They can cause all kinds of health issues for people with allergies, dry skin, or other breathing and respiratory problems. One simple solution to combat dry air is to add humidity back into your air by using cast iron dehumidifiers. … Read more

5 Cast Iron Vent Covers And Registers With A Vintage Touch

vent cover

Not too long ago, most homes came equipped with cast iron vent covers and floor registers, and you can still find these in vintage dwellings today. Unfortunately, many home manufacturers have decided to go for a less sturdy material when building new homes, and you can see how these are worn down very quickly and … Read more

7 Luxury Cast Iron Tubs That Will Help You Unwind

bath tub

There is nothing more enchanting than walking into a bathroom with elegantly designed cast iron tubs bearing astonishing bronze or chrome claw feet. These characteristics and traits have made cast iron tubs both timeless and absolutely beautiful. Thanks to modern manufacturing, the gorgeous clawfoot cast iron tubs are a luxury that you’ll be soaking in … Read more

These Cast Iron Muffin Pans Will Get You Baking

muffin pan

Cast Iron muffin pans are a perfect option for making muffins that cook amazingly and require minimal clean up due to their non-stick qualities if seasoned right. If you’ve used other types of muffin pans, you’ve probably been a victim of the mushy muffin (undercooked) or left with a huge mess to try and clean … Read more

5 Cast Iron Tawas For Roti And Dosa

tawa for roti and dosa

One of the best smells in the kitchen is when somebody is making roti and or dosas with their cast iron tawa. It’s something that we remember as kids growing up, and now it’s a tradition that we’ve brought into our own homes. If you’re not familiar with what a roti is, well, it’s the … Read more

Can Cast Iron Be Used On Induction Cooktops?

induction cooktop

If you’ve recently purchased an induction cooktop stove, you might be wondering whether or not it is recommended or, more importantly, whether or not it is safe to use cast iron pots and pans on it. Nowadays, many people are opting for induction cooktops because they target your pots and pans directly using electromagnetic fields … Read more

5 Cast Iron Cookware Sets That Will Last For A Lifetime

cast iron set

Cast iron cookware is passed on from generation to generation in my families around the world. People love using cast iron cookware sets because it’s practical, durable, and extremely versatile. Regardless of the initial cost, if taken care of properly, it can outlive the life of a human being. We’ve even seen a cast iron … Read more

6 Great Cast Iron Cauldrons That Will Get You Cooking

cast iron cauldron

Cauldrons are some of the oldest types of cookware ever since humans started using metal. In fact, cast iron cauldrons were best known for being used by witches back in the day. Now maybe you’re a believer, or perhaps not, but either way, cast iron cauldrons are one of the coolest ways to cook over … Read more

Can You Put Cast Iron Stove Grates In The Dishwasher?

stove grates

It’s a known fact that you should not put any cast iron cookware in the dishwasher, but does it also hold true for cast iron stove grates? This is a question that we get all too often and for a good reason. Nobody enjoys handling or cleaning cast iron stove grates; that’s just a fact. … Read more

Can You Use A Cast Iron Pan On A Ceramic Cooktop?

induction cooktop

You finally got that brand new ceramic cooktop you always wanted, and now you need to know what types of pots and pans are safe to use while cooking on it. Generally speaking, you can use cast iron pans on ceramic cooktops. However, you need to be extra careful when doing so. Cast iron pans … Read more