5 Cast Iron Cookware Sets That Will Last For A Lifetime

cast iron cookware setCast iron cookware is passed on from generation to generation in my families around the world. People love using cast iron cookware sets because it’s practical, durable, and extremely versatile. Regardless of the initial cost, if taken care of properly, it can outlive the life of a human being. We’ve even seen a cast iron cookware set that was easily over hundreds of years old.

In fact, the unique process that every cast iron cookware set goes through while being created makes them the most durable cookware on the planet. When you invest in a good cast iron cookware set, it will last you a lifetime. This is why we chose to highlight some of the best cast iron cookware sets below.

Check out our top picks for the best cast iron cookware sets and read on to discover our tips for buying your new set in our buyer’s guide.

1. Cast Iron Cookware Set

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 4-Piece Chef Set (6-Inch 8-Inch 10-Inch 12-Inch) Oven Safe Cookware - 4 Heat-Resistant Holders - Indoor and Outdoor Use - Grill, Stovetop, Induction Safe

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These cast iron skillets come pre-seasoned and are ready to be used for frying, grilling, braising, baking, broiling, and even sautéing whatever your heart desires. They are made from high-quality seasoned cast iron and are very versatile, they can cook or bake just about anything you want, from meats to seafood, and you can even bake a cake in them.

When using these cast iron skillets, you don’t need to worry about the cleanup or maintenance. They are easily hand-washed with just warm water and then restored with some natural oils. They come with a lifetime warranty and guarantee you’ll be satisfied for a lifetime using these cast iron pans.

This four-piece pre-seasoned cast iron cookware set comes with heat resistant holders that make handling your pans more manageable and are safe to use both on the stovetop or in the oven for baking. Being that cast iron is very versatile, you can use this cast iron cookware set on your BBQ grill, stovetop, and it’s even safe to use on an induction type stovetop.

The silicone hot handle holders included with this set are non-slip and heat resistant, perfect for cooking and serving your favorite foods. This cast iron cookware set comes with a lifetime warranty, and the manufacturer guarantees the quality and durability of all its products.

2. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Cookware

Le Creuset 5 Piece Enameled Cast-Iron SS Knob Condo Cookware Set - Cerise

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Le Creuset is a brand you can count on; it’s been around for a very long time and is often used by professional chefs worldwide. They are famous for their selection of bright colors on all their signature cookware, including this five-piece enameled cast iron cookware set. The best thing about the enameled coating is it resists chipping and cracking.

If you’re looking to add some vibrance to your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with Le Creuset. These cast iron pots and pans can be used with just about every type of stove, including gas, electric, induction, ceramic, halogen, and even placed in the oven for baking. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 6 Piece Bundle

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 6 Piece Bundle. Three Sets of Cast Iron Skillets with Tempered Glass Lids. (8 Inch Set + 10.25 Inch Set + 12 Inch Set)

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If you’re looking to expand your cast iron cookware set, then you need to check out Lodge’s seasoned six-piece cast iron bundle. Each cast iron skillet comes with tempered glass lids for giving the cook full transparency while cooking. They include thermal shock resistant technology, so you never have to worry about shattering your tempered glass lids.

The Lodge is a family-owned business that proudly makes all of its products in the USA and has been around for over 120 years. All their cast iron cookware sets are known for having high-quality designs, a lifetime of durability, and considerable cooking versatility.

4. Outdoor 5 Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set

Outdoor Gourmet 5 Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set

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This Outdoor Gourmet 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set comes with an incredible two cast iron skillets, one cast iron Dutch oven, and a cast iron lid, plus you’ll get one cast iron griddle. This cast iron cookware set can be used both indoors and outdoors, making your family BBQ the perfect place to cook up some of your favorite foods.

The cast iron griddle that is included has many different functions and can be used on both sides. If you want to cook steaks on one side, the next morning, you can easily make the perfect pancakes using the other side of the cast iron griddle.

5. Enameled Cast Iron 3 Piece Bundle Gift Set

Enameled Cast Iron 3 Piece Bundle Gift Set, Braiser Pan, Dutch Oven, Chicken Fryer Ultimate Cookware Set

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This incredible cast iron cookware set comes pre-seasoned and includes some unique cookware pieces that every chef desires to have in their kitchen. From cooking huge meals to big breakfasts, this cast iron cookware set does it all. This three-piece set includes a Dutch oven, braiser, and chicken fryer.

This is the perfect cast iron cookware set to take camping or give to a loved one as a gift. It’s multi-functional and can cook just about anything you would want to prepare for an entire family dinner. It’s made from high-quality cast iron that has been pre-seasoned and will last a lifetime.

The Advantages of Buying a Cast Iron Cookware Set

We believe that a cast iron cookware set belongs in every kitchen because of its durability and versatility. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why cast iron cookware is making a huge comeback, simply put: it’s timeless. Not to mention it’s virtually indestructible and can quickly be restored when needed or mistreated.

Cast iron cookware does the opposite of most other cookware sets; it improves with use instead of deteriorating like so many different materials used for cookware. It grabs the heat and maintains it throughout its entire use, something other cookware can’t do. It’s perfect for foods that call for high heat, such as searing meats.

And the absolute best advantage of buying a cast iron cookware set is that it can develop a nonstick coating over time, saving you money and time while cooking!

What to Look for When Buying a Cast Iron Cookware Set?

You’ll first need to decide whether or not you want an enameled cast iron pan or the traditional cast iron pans. Traditional cast iron pans are generally uncoated when purchased and need to be seasoned a few times before being used. You can find standard cast iron pans that are already seasoned, but they will be more costly than the non-seasoned ones.

Enameled cast iron pans are much easier to care for and do not need to be seasoned. They can also be washed with mild soap and hot water, something you should never do with a traditional cast iron cookware set.

We suggest starting with a smaller cast iron cookware set if this is your first time using them. They will be easier to handle and should serve the purpose for most of your basic cooking needs. Once you get familiar with how a cast iron cookware set is used, you can start adding various sizes to your current set or collection.

If you decide to purchase a used or vintage cast iron cookware set, there are a few things you’ll want to check before handing over your hard-earned cash:

  • Identify the Rust – If there is a lot of rust on the cast iron pan, you’re going to spend a lot of time scouring, which needs a lot of muscle to get the job done correctly.
  • Look for Cracks and Craters – Unlike rust, which can be fixed with some work, cast iron pans with cracks, craters, mottling, or pitting cannot be restored and used again. Even cast iron pans that have been mistreated and have multiple scratches on them should be skipped.

What is the Best Brand of Cast Iron Cookware?

Depending on who you ask, you will find plenty of opinions on which brands carry the best cast iron cookware sets. However, we will tell you that the following brands are the cast iron market leaders, and we all know why.

Here are our top five choices for the best brands of cast iron cookware:

  • Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Cookware Set
  • Lodge Classic Cast Iron Skillets
  • Staub Round Cocotte Dutch Oven
  • Smithey Cast Iron Skillets
  • Finex Cast Iron Skillets

Is Cast Iron Cookware Good for Health?

The nice thing about a cast iron cookware set is that it uses less oil to cook with, it avoids harmful chemicals, and can add a little iron to your food. When people think about cast iron pans, they automatically think about ‘frying’ foods. However, cast iron cookware is incredibly versatile. It can be used for healthy cooking just by its ability to retain heat and the fact that it’s basically nonstick when it’s been well-seasoned.

How to Care for Your Cast Iron Set

Once your cast iron cookware set has been seasoned accordingly, all you need to do after cooking with it is use some hot water and then make sure it is completely dry. Sounds simple, right? It actually is!

If you have enameled cast iron cookware, you can even use a mild soap while washing it. The enameled cast iron cookware set is much easier to care for than the other styles.


Regardless of which cast iron cookware set you choose to purchase, as long as you take care of it and maintain its seasoned effect, it can last you a lifetime, and you’ll be able to pass it on to the next generation in your family.