8 Cast Iron Trivets With Unique Designs

Every household should have at least one cast iron trivet to add some additional charm to its space, and most importantly, protect furniture, tabletops, and counters from the damaging heat all pots and pans have when coming straight from the stove or oven.

Cast iron trivets are an excellent choice because cast iron is a poor conductor of heat, meaning your cuisine will stay warmer longer while resting on top of the cast iron trivet.

Here are some cast iron trivets with unique designs to choose from:

1. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Deluxe Round Trivet

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Deluxe Round Trivet, 9", Cerise

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This cast iron trivet is made by the world-renowned Le Creuset and resembles an intricate center that was inspired by the types of architectural cast ironwork you would find in France. We are showcasing the round 9” design in the color of cerise. However, there are six different colors and designs to choose from.

These cast iron trivets were designed to protect your table surface and linens with their tripod form that is used to elevate your hot pots and pans.

Diameter: 9 Inches

2. Sungmor Cast Iron Cock Trivet

Sungmor Cast Iron Cock Trivet for Wood Stove - Dia-8.1 Inch Cock Family Image - Rustproof Round Stands for Hot Pots/Dishes/Pans - Decorative Metal Table Trivet for Kitchen Cooking

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If you’re looking for the old farmhouse appeal, then this cast iron trivet will undoubtedly fit the bill with its incredible hand-painted designs of chickens and roosters. It’s made from heavy-duty cast iron and has a nice vintage look and feel that would easily add charm to any table it is placed on.

There is a special coating on this cast iron trivet that gives it a lovely retro rustic look, and it helps prevent your hot pots and pans from touching your table or cooking surfaces.

Diameter: 8.1 Inches

3. Cast Iron Hot Chilli Peppers Trivet

Decorative Cast Iron Trivet Hot Chilli Peppers 7" Wide

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The perfect addition to any kitchen would be this incredible round cast iron trivet featuring vibrant red hot chili peppers. It is made of high-quality cast iron and can be used to support any of your pots and pans that just came out of the oven or off the stovetop.

This cast iron trivet was designed to protect your tabletops and counters from any damaging heat and can be used as either a functioning hot plate or a conversational piece.

Diameter: 7 Inches

4. Sunflower Heavy-Duty Trivet With Legs

Home Basics Sunflower Collection Heavy-Duty Cast-Iron Trivet for Serving Hot Dish, Pot, Pans & Teapot on Kitchen Countertop Dinning Heat Resistant, Yellow

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If you’re looking for a cast iron trivet that comes in vibrant yellow color, then you’ll love this sunflower collection of heavy-duty cast iron. It’s perfect for protecting your counters and tabletops from any hot pots or pans, and it adds a cheerful touch to any room it is displayed in.

The base is raised high enough to ensure that no heat will have any contact with your surfaces. It features high-quality cast iron with a durable enamel coating that is used to prevent any rust from forming.

Diameter: 7.86 Inches

5. Victorian Style, Vintage Cast Iron Trivet

Victor Traditional Oval Trivet, Black, Cast Iron, 34.5x20.5x3 cm

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This uniquely designed cast iron trivet comes in the traditional black color and has a lovely oval shape with a classic design. It has four mini legs that keep the surface from resting on your tabletop or butcher block and prevents your hot cookware from burning any surfaces.

We were impressed by the nice weighty feel and could easily see it was crafted with high-quality cast iron. It’s decorative enough to be displayed at any table, including huge family gatherings during any holiday. This size makes this cast iron trivet perfect for larger cookware.

Diameter: 13.58 Inches

6. Lodge Cast Iron Trivet

Lodge 4-in-1 Camp Dutch Oven Tool, 10.82, Black

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This unique cast iron trivet is perfect for the outdoorsy person who loves to be prepared. It has the ability to function in many different ways and protects your hands from any heat when used as the lid or bail lifter. It also folds up nicely and can be easily stored.

It has four different purposes: Lid Lifter, Lid Stand, Cook Stand, and Bail Lifter. This makes this 4-in-1 Dutch oven tool the ideal accessory to take with you camping or for use with all your outdoor BBQ parties.

Note: Fits inside all Camp Dutch Ovens 10 inches and larger.

7. Japanese Cast Iron Trivet for Teapot

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This cast iron trivet comes in traditional black and is used to protect your furniture from the hot contents of a teapot or other kitchenware. The distinctive design has a hobnail pattern and is quite simple and traditional looking.

It comes with three rubber peg legs to elevate the surface from touching your table or counters and also protects them from any scratches. This cast iron trivet is super easy to clean, just wipe it down while it’s still warm with a damp cloth and allow it to dry completely.

Diameter: 5.5 Inches

8. Cast Iron Owl Trivet

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This adorable cast iron trivet is in the shape of an owl and would add character to any space it is used in. It’s made from durable cast iron and is designed to protect your kitchen counters or tabletops from the heat dispensed from your hot cookware.

There are rubber feet on the bottom of this cast iron trivet to prevent any scratches from accidentally happening. This beautifully designed owl cast iron trivet is considered artisan with a rustic look and will feel your living space with a warm and cozy feeling.

Diameter: 7 Inches

What is a Trivet?

One of the best accessories to have in your kitchen toolbox is a cast iron trivet. It was specifically designed to protect your furniture, tabletops, and counters from all the damaging condensation and heat that pots straight out of the oven or off the burner bring to the table.

How do You Use a Trivet?

Simply place it on your table, counter, or any surface that needs to be protected from excessive heat before placing your hot pots and pans down.