How to clean a cast iron skillet using a potato?

potato cast iron

A cast iron skillet is the most versatile tool in the kitchen. With proper care, these incredible pots and pans can cook anything and last a lifetime. The most important maintenance for cast iron is cleaning it correctly. A well-seasoned cast iron is non-stick, and cleaning the cast iron is a straightforward process. For tips … Read more

How To Deglaze a Cast Iron Skillet

Deglazing is a fundamental cooking technique that is used to make sauces and gravies. Deglazing also infuses additional flavors into your food. Deglazing should not be done in a non-stick pan because an acidic base will not amalgamate properly and the food will not brown as well as in a cast iron or carbon steel … Read more

How To Season a Cast Iron Wok

cast iron wok

There are several methods to choose from when seasoning a cast iron wok. Generally, when a wok is purchased, it comes with a coat of factory seasoning. This seasoning primarily protects the wok from damage during the shipping process. To season the wok for cooking purposes there are three different ways to season a cast … Read more

Can Cast Iron Skillets Go From Fridge to Oven?

cast iron fridge to oven

Whether you can move cast iron between the fridge (or freezer) and a hot cooking surface is a debatable question. If you do cursory research, you will find varying answers. In truth, cast iron can go from the fridge to the oven in certain circumstances but precautions are necessary. Cast iron is designed to cook … Read more

Can You Cook Tomatoes in a Cast Iron Skillet?

tomatoes in cast iron

This question, like most culinary questions, is a hot-button issue in the kitchen. There are those who say that you can and those who say absolutely no way can you cook acidic food in cast iron. The common counterargument is that the tomatoes will taste “metallic” after being cooked in cast iron. I know from … Read more

How To Store Cast Iron Pans Long Term

storing cast iron

Cast iron cookware is the workhorse of the kitchen. But, cast iron is much more to many people. Cast iron is generally considered a prized possession or a family heirloom. No other cookware lasts as long as cast iron, which can last generations. So, if you have your favorite skillet in your kitchen, why not … Read more

How to Season Cast Iron Without an Oven?

season skillet without oven

A cast iron skillet or a dutch oven is the most versatile tool in any kitchen. They are heavy and have incredible heat retention. They can be used in the oven, over a fire, or on any other cooking surface. The most important maintenance step for any cast iron cookware is the seasoning process. Seasoning … Read more

6 Best Tips For Deep Frying In Cast Iron

cast iron deep fry

Cast iron is the best cooking medium to deep fry food in. They are heavy, they add flavor, and they retain heat well. The key to success is to find a cast iron skillet or dutch oven deep enough for frying foods safely. Home cooks are often concerned with the frying process as it can … Read more