Top 5 Tips You Should Know About Cast Iron Teapot Care

cast iron teapot

Nowadays, just about everyone has a cast iron teapot or kettle in their kitchen. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out! There are many reasons why everybody should have a gorgeous cast iron teapot, but we often find that people are concerned about the cast iron teapot care and steer away from using one … Read more

Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel Wok – Which One is Best?

metal woks

One of the keys to making the perfect Asian dish is how it is cooked. This means to make the best dish, you need the best pan, and for Asian stovetop cooking there is only one pan we need to talk about, and that’s the wok. With the large bowled cooking area and high sides … Read more

What does pre-seasoned cast iron mean in cookware?

cast iron pans

Almost all modern cast iron cookware comes pre-seasoned. It might even be mentioned in the owner’s manual. But what does it mean? When cared for properly, cast iron can last nearly forever. Many families pass down their cookware from generation to generation. Even the newer cast iron that comes pre-seasoned can last a lifetime or … Read more

How to keep a cast iron skillet from rusting


Cast iron skillets are famous for being able to rust very quickly. Sometimes in a matter of hours. This can happen easily, like cooking outside and forgetting to bring in the pan after, or through unintentional misuse in the kitchen over days or even weeks. This will happen to every new cast iron owner at least … Read more

How to clean a cast iron skillet with burnt on buildup?

burnt on buildup

Cast iron skillets can be a breeze to clean when you’ve just made a perfectly cooked masterpiece, but when you have a less than optimal outcome, cleanup can be tricky. Cast iron skillets are notoriously complicated to clean properly, especially if they have a lot of burnt residues. There is no one single way of … Read more

Cast iron vs Teflon pans. Which one is best?

cast iron vs teflon

Both cast iron and Teflon coated pans are known for their non-stick qualities. While Teflon pans come by default with a non-stick surface and often require extremely low maintenance, cast iron pans need to be correctly seasoned before they become non-stick, and that seasoning takes time and effort to maintain. With two pans that are … Read more

Should You Get A Cast Iron Skillet With A Wooden Handle?

skillet with wooden handle

Cast iron skillets are one of the most versatile and consistently well-performing pieces of cookware in American kitchens, dating back to the pioneer days and the expansion westward and even before. They are the pinnacle of flexibility, moving seamlessly from the stovetop to the oven to the broiler to the campfire, and then back again … Read more