Design Ideas for Bespoke, Handmade Kitchens

integrated oven

“Bespoke” has been a popular marketing buzzword in recent years. Google the term and you will find all kinds of “bespoke” products; hats, cuisine, software, etc. The braid use can make the term seem meaningless though. The word originally stems from 17th and 18th century England as a term for custom-built goods and home designs … Read more

5 Cast Iron Sinks That Can Last For Generations


Among the vast selection of kitchen sinks that are available today, very few materials have been able to earn a top spot like cast iron. In fact, cast iron kitchen sinks have been around for a very long time, mainly because they’re known for lasting a lifetime and add character to any home. With all … Read more

11 Elegant Cast Iron Table Legs That Will Spice Up Your Home

table legs

Creating your own furniture is something that many households are turning towards during these trying times, making DIY projects one of the hottest topics on the internet. Along with the many creative ideas out there, many folks are turning to cast iron products due to the durability, design, and the fact that cast iron can … Read more

Cast Iron Humidifiers For Wood Burning Stoves

cast iron humidifier

Wood burning stoves are notorious for decreasing humidity rates in the rooms they operate in. They can cause all kinds of health issues for people with allergies, dry skin, or other breathing and respiratory problems. One simple solution to combat dry air is to add humidity back into your air by using cast iron dehumidifiers. … Read more

5 Cast Iron Vent Covers And Registers With A Vintage Touch

vent cover

Not too long ago, most homes came equipped with cast iron vent covers and floor registers, and you can still find these in vintage dwellings today. Unfortunately, many home manufacturers have decided to go for a less sturdy material when building new homes, and you can see how these are worn down very quickly and … Read more

7 Luxury Cast Iron Tubs That Will Help You Unwind

bath tub

There is nothing more enchanting than walking into a bathroom with elegantly designed cast iron tubs bearing astonishing bronze or chrome claw feet. These characteristics and traits have made cast iron tubs both timeless and absolutely beautiful. Thanks to modern manufacturing, the gorgeous clawfoot cast iron tubs are a luxury that you’ll be soaking in … Read more